Gravity Dance Collective Video Gallery

Gravity Dance Collective Overview

See what we're all about here at Gravity Dance Collective. We offer a variety of different classes, so everyone can find something that's right! Check us out now to see what we've got going on!

Dazzle! | Showcase 2016

See Gravity Dance Collective's 2016 winter showcase highlighting a variety of dance styles.

A League of Extraordinary Dancers | Showcase 2015

Watch Gravity Dance Collective's 2015 winter showcase featuring dancers from all age groups and dance styles.

Studio Creation

This video tells the story of how Skullflower Design Studios worked with Gravity Dance Collective to help develop our graphic identity and help birth our vision. Jesse Van Horne of Skullflower Design was able to understand our vision and story to the extent that he was able to determine what our "look" should be based on the examination of those unique elements.